What is reality?

Reality is what you construct from the very moment. In constructivism, reality is a subjective construction shaped by individual experiences and interpretations.

What is constructivism?

Constructivism is a theory asserting that knowledge is actively constructed by the individual based on personal experiences and interactions with the world. Constructivism is the idea that everyone builds his own image of the world based on hie personal experiences.

How can constructivism help to change life?

Constructivism emphasizes that an individual’s beliefs and understandings are not fixed. They are continuously formed by interactions with the world and by images from the self. To change life, it is helpful to reflect on the theory of constructivism. Man gets what man builds for himself.

What are examples of constructed reality?

  • A rainy day may be constructed as “bad weather” or “rescue for the dry plants”.
  • An argument with the partner can be described as “danger for the relationship” or “beginning of dialogue”.
  • A long walk can be an “exhausting” or a “refreshing” experience