No Hope? What to do?

No Hope? What to do?

No hope? Time to read this now

If you had no hope, you would not have searched the web for no hope. It is that simple.

It is a good sign that you are here. Let’s begin.

Why do some see no hope?

  • No hope to solve a conflict
  • No hope to get out of depression
  • No hope to find new power after a burnout
  • No hope to cope with anxiety

Why is it sometimes positive to have no hope?

To give-up hope in a certain direction may open the mind for a new way.

Every hope is connected to a wish. Every wish is connected to some kind of result. What if a certain result would not help you? Then, your hope would not help.

In conclusion, hopelessness can set a new beginning.

Hopelessness can lead to new goals

If someone gives up the idea of getting a job in company A, he may be open-minded for another job in Company B.

If someone gives up the idea to get “healed” from anxiety, he may begin to live and cope with anxiety and fear.

Uncertainty may be a good sign. If you experience anxiety, it may be a resource.

So, be patient.

Face your challenges in the belief, that you will overcome your situation and create a better one.

How to get from despair to belief?

To go from despair to belief, you have to think and act like children. If a child doesn’t succeed with one solution, it tries another one.

Think of the moment a baby starts to walk.

Will a child fall into resignation while learning to walk?

Will it give up? No.

It will continue to find and build his own truth: I am able to do that.

No one there to help you right now?

So, now, start to help yourself.

How to solve a conflict after overcoming hopelessness

You need to develop a new picture of your conflict. How to solve a conflict.

How to get out of depression after overcoming hopelessness

Here is how to first feel the pain and then get relief:

How to recover from a burnout after giving up old self-concepts

Here is how to discover the undercover-self-destroying ways of thinking and acting.

How to cope with anxiety after changing from hopelessness to acceptance

Giving up the idea of an anxiety-free life will lead to the acceptance of anxiety and fear.