The World’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

Did you know that there is a big misconception about depression?

Most people always think of depression as a disorder, an illness, and a deficit in a person.
Misconception #1: A person supposedly cannot manage his or her life.
Misconception No. 2: A person does not manage to adapt to his circumstances at first sight

Those who think this way reinforce and stabilize the dynamics of depression and its symptomatology.

Let’s look at the contexts in which depression arises and is “difficult to cure.”

Depression Infographic

Depression Infographic

“Depression is the natural result of the constant demand for a life that will never be or never come again.”

This series of books is dedicated to a natural and realistic approach to the adversities and demands of life. To – also – be able to enjoy the times between highs and lows.

Johannes Faupel

Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

Self-help for depression with “The world’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book” – $12.70 – Direct-Download E-Book 16 Pages.

This Book ist the first title in the New Series “Quick Guides for the Long Run”

What’s special in this Depression Book?

  • It’s a very short self-help book.
  • It’s working both with visualization (drawings) and motion
  • This book is written for people who really want to change
  • You may leave your path of regrets and self-punishing by activating yourself within 20 days

Johannes FaupelWho wrote this new Book against Depression?

Johannes Faupel, Systemic Therapist and Springer Author, is editing:

Quick guides for the long run.

That’s why I’m writing and illustrating these new books:

In my systemic practice, located in Frankfurt, Germany, I daily see impatient people with unrealistic demands on their lives. The smaller an intervention, the faster it works.


Therefore, the title “The World’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book”

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