Fastest Books Series
First Edition 2021

Fastest Anti-Depression-BookFastest Deep-conflict-mediation-bookEl libro contra la depresión más rápido del mundoDas schnellste Konflikt-MediationsbuchFastest Stop-Burnout-Book

"World's Fastest Books.
Written And Designed For Readers Who Quickly Want To Achieve Changes"

Read these books when you are sure you can deal with change.

The World’s Fastest Books – How To Quickly Solve Everyday Problems And Life Problems With Self-Help

Are you looking for self-help books or self-development books?

Are you wondering now where the differences are between self-help and self-development?
You will see: Once you take the initiative to help yourself, you will experience self-efficacy.
Any form of self-help is always a form of self-development.
Self-help is so effective because it means one’s own part in a solution or change.
That’s why the site exists – it creates a valuable resource for the best self-development books that you can read in a short time.

Why are the best self-development books short?

If you are looking for quick help in a difficult situation, you don’t have time for long texts and explanations. You want to quickly see how you can help yourself.

Start doing it here and now.

Capture Complex Topics Quickly

Why should you for self-help invest a lot of time in topics that you can understand quickly?

Publish about Change

Change is the main energy for life. Make your ways of change visible.

Focus on Effects of Systemic Therapy presents selected self-help-books especially from Systemic Therapy and Hypnotherapy

See The Wonders of Salutogenesis

Focusing on the health-promoting factors in life, like Aaron Antonovsky (Salutogenesis) did, is a good plan.

The fate of heavy books: once read, you may be impressed. But that was mostly it.

The effect of thin and fast books:

Quick to read and good for turning tasks into results.

Any suggestions for a quick book to be featured here? Email me:

Fastest Books – The first book editions in May 2021: Depression and Conflict

New Psychology Self-Help Books

“Act always so as to increase the number of choices.”
— Heinz von Foerster is committed to increasing the number of choices quickly.


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Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

Fastest mediation-book for deep conflicts

Fastest mediation-book for deep conflicts

The World's Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book

The World’s Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book

Publication (2020) at Springer Gabler by Author Johannes Faupel

Burnout-Prävention und -Intervention im Marketing

Read these books when you are sure you can accept the changes they bring.