What is Depression?

Depression is a state of feeling deep despair. Some people with the diagnosis of clinical depression describe a feeling of non-feeling (med.: alexithymia, from Greek, inability to read the own feelings). Others feel tired and without energy. The good message: Every depression can be changed to the better. Sometimes, there is one impulse to make the life and the world look and feel better. Confidence, self-compassion, and self-love are the keys to a new life beyond depressions.

What is Depression? Simple explanation and infographic

What is Depression? Simple explanation

What are causes of depression?

The causes of depression a numerous. Often, a depressive time is connected to massive overloads in life.

  • missing self-love
  • too much stress in the working area
  • brain tumor
  • double-bind situations
  • ill family members
  • conflicts within the family and / or in the working space
  • wrong decisions
  • lack of perspective in life
  • alcoholism

There are a bunch of possible causes of depression.

In the psychiatric literature, you can also find hypotheses like the Serotonin hypothesis: a lack of Serotonin in the brain seemed for a long time to be a possible cause of depression. Today, we see the Serotonin hypothesis disproved by medical studies.

What are the effects of depression?

The effects of depression are permanent sadness, psychic and physic pain, restlessness, bad sleep, financial problems, feeling guilty, obesity, self-violation, suicidal thoughts, concerned family members and concerned friends.

How can one cope with depression?

To cope with depression, you learn to love yourself unconditionally

To turn away from depression, you change your view with confidence to the life you would like to live

How to stop suicidal thoughts?

To stop suicidal thoughts, you become clear of the fact that no one wants to die. What some depressive people do not want is another day in the depressive state.

If you have suicidal thoughts, tell it to a family member or a friend and ask for help. If there is no one around: call the emergency hotline. Here you find a list of suicide emergency hotlines from all over the world.

What are common misunderstandings about depressions?

Misunderstandings from other people about the depressive person.

  • One would have only to strengthen himself
  • Depressive people are lazy
  • Depression is an illness you cannot cure
  • Only tablets can heal a depression
  • Depressions are caused by the lack of Serotonin

Misunderstandings from depressive person herself.

  • It is my guilt
  • I cannot repair that
  • We will all drain
  • There is no hope
  • I never will have energy again
  • We are lost / I am lost

There is no truth per se in these assumptions. All these ideas are only mental constructions.

Now, go to a tiny and mighty impulse in depression that can change your situation.