Can't Afford A Psychotherapist?

Can’t Afford A Psychotherapist?

There is a problem, but no money or budget to pay a psychotherapist?

Finding an alternative as a temporary solution can lead you to a surprisingly easy step forward. And: don’t worry: It’s a genuine concern for many, but doing nothing is not the solution.

No health insurance – no money for a psychotherapy?

Not having health insurance is one of the reasons for not seeking professional psychotherapeutic help. The good news: Not having insurance does not have to mean not getting help.

There are alternatives for getting the crucial impulses for your change.

What can alternatives to a psychotherapist be?

Alternatives to visiting a psychotherapist can be numerous. But some do not fit all time.

  • Calling a friend and talking about your problems: Friends are no therapists. A friendship is no therapeutic relationship.
  • Doing nothing: Positive resignation can sometimes lead to the end of a problem. If you stop thinking about a discussion, the talk may be pleasant – or it may not happen at all.
  • Trying to find a therapist in another city: This may be at even higher costs.
  • Searching for an online consultation: For many, this can be a good alternative. But: it is definitely not free of cost.

If you’re hesitant to discuss all your problems with friends or family, explore something new.

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