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7 Reasons Why You Can Trust Fastest Book’s Author Johannes Faupel

Johannes Faupel is the author of all Self-help E-Books on Please find here on this page several reasons to trust in his experience and reliability in the field of Systemic Short-term Therapy, Coaching and Supervision. All already published e-books and all future publications are based on practical counseling experience.

Systemic Society Berlin Certificate Johannes Faupel Systemic Therapist

Systemic Society, Berlin Certificate Johannes Faupel

1. Reason To Trust My Author Experience: Certification by Systemische Gesellschaft

My background is a solid education in systemic therapy. I am a certified systemic therapist and coach. The Systemic Society attests my professional skills.

Systemische Gesellschaft
Deutscher Verband für systemische Forschung, Therapie, Supervision und Beratung e.V.
Damaschkestraße 4
10711 Berlin
Profile @ Systemische Gesellschaft, Johannes Faupel

Johannes Faupel Certificate IGST

Johannes Faupel Certificate IGST

2. Reason: Certification by International Society for Systemic Therapy (Internationale Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie, IGST)

I am a certified systemic therapist and coach. The International Society of Systemic Therapy (IGST) attests my professional skills.

Internationale Gesellschaft für systemische Therapie e.V.
Gaisbergstraße 3
69115 Heidelberg

Supervision Frankfurt Johannes Faupel

Supervision Frankfurt Johannes Faupel

3. Reason: Counselling Practice in Frankfurt and all Germany

I am working in the systemic counselling field: Systemic coaching and Supervision

Zentrum für Supervision und Systemische Beratung Frankfurt
Schillerstraße 31
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Springerlink Johannes Faupel Burnout-Prevention and -Intervention

Springerlink Johannes Faupel Burnout-Prevention and -Intervention

4. Reason: Authorship at Springer Nature

Springer Gabler published in 2020 my Burnout Intervention Book:

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
Abraham-Lincoln-Straße 46
65189 Wiesbaden

University of Heidelberg Mention Johannes Faupel

University of Heidelberg Mention Johannes Faupel

5. Reason: University of Heidelberg lists my Burnout-Book

Visit here the website of the University of Heidelberg – listing of Johannes Faupel’s Book in the library

Universität Heidelberg
Grabengasse 1
69117 Heidelberg

Johannes Faupel Google Books Preview

Johannes Faupel Book on Google Books Preview

6. Reason: Google Books lists the Burnout-Book of Johannes Faupel

You can read here the first 30 pages of the Springer Burnout Book on

Dr. Gunther Schmidt recommends Johannes Faupel's book

Dr. Gunther Schmidt recommends Johannes Faupel’s Burnout-Book (Springer)

7. Reason: Recommendation by Dr. Gunther Schmidt

Dr. Gunther Schmidt in his foreword to “Burnout Prevention and Intervention in Marketing”, 2020 Springer Gabler

“Johannes Faupel consistently succeeds in translating his profound marketing expertise into a pleasantly light yet deeply insightful style. He elegantly manages to “market” the important and well-researched content of his messages to the reader effectively. I hope to incorporate some of these elements into my own publications.

I am very pleased that in this book, the author profoundly advocates for a different view: a competence and resource-oriented understanding of the phenomena. This pleases me all the more since I myself have championed such a view for many years in dealing with phenomena termed burnout. As an integral part of my work (Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg) and inpatient at the sysTelios Clinic, I often collaborate with individuals who feel affected by these phenomena. Over time, this has led me to describe and utilize burnout as expressions of commendable competencies. While this may initially sound strange, even bizarre or cynical to many, it is meant differently. I am very grateful to Johannes Faupel for this work and hope that it will find a broad audience and contribute significantly to a new understanding of burnout.”

Find more about Dr. Gunther Schmidt on the Web

sysTelios Klinik
Am Tannenberg 17
69483 Wald-Michelbach
Ortsteil Siedelsbrunn