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“There is great power in adversity” – David Goggins

Why self-help is the only real help

Let’s assume you want to achieve something, you want to improve. What external help can you expect? Do you think there is someone who reads for you books or will run trough the forest for your fitness?

No. You see.

Someone can recommend you or invite you to something. No one can do it instead of you. That’s why every help comes through self help.

How to help yourself with the daily issues and psychological problems

The best help with daily issues and psychological problems often is the patient’s self-help. Why? Because every intervention can be only successful by taking the advice or accepting the invitation for some kind of change. So, every successful psychotherapist succeeds in successful invitations to the patient’s attention.

Self-help on daily problems

Self-help on daily problems

Where do people look for help?

If people face psychological problems, many look for solutions and advices in the dialogue with others. That’s a good strategy. But not always possible.

What to do, if there is nobody around t0 talk to?

If it’s in the middle of the night, on travel or in an office situation, you barely can’t find best circumstances for solution talk. So, you have to rely on yourself. Therefore, a rich inventory of helpful self-help strategies is helpful.

What my self-help strategies look like?

The smaller they are, the better. Imagine a drop of oil in a squeaky door hinge. Who would change the door? Or build a new house? Or emigrate – just to not hear the squeaky door hinge?

Sometimes, a tiny mental move can bring one faster to a solution idea than a long-lasting psychotherapeutic process with the idea to solve every problem.

Who profits from self-help?

We cannot ask everyone on the globe if he sometimes faces problems he would like to have help for. If we did so, maybe quite everyone could answer with Yes.

Yes, I have sometimes problems, and I seek for help.

Many people face daily problems. We can say: everyone does.

What are people concerned about?

They suffer from bad mood, anxiety, inner and outer conflicts. They are tired of intrusive thoughts, never ending conflicts in private and office partnerships.

What are the 3 steps to begin with helping yourself?

  1. Choose a different verbal description for your situation.
  2. Develop an inner picture that gives you strength and stability.
  3. To get 1) and 2) Read one of the most suitable e-books.

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How do you ask for help with depression?

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