What is a typical risk factor for developing a depression? An often overseen cause of depressive mood.

What are the potential causes and risk factors that can contribute to the development of depression, such as genetic predisposition, environmental stressors, chronic illnesses, major life changes, and substance abuse?

We are not talking about all possible “causes for clinical depression” – just about one that most people with depression disorder and even psychotherapists oversee.

Try to change the past. This is a huge risk factor – a depressive feeling might come right away

Why do people want to change the past? They feel unhappy with a former decision, behavior, or whatever. They do not accept their current situation. So they want to return to the past and change the past thing or decision.

Everyone knows this isn’t possible. But this is not a matter of insights or intelligence. The impulse to change the past is born in the middle brain, the limbic system.

As it is not possible to change the past – you are not able to live in the present while trying to change the past

Depressive people often do talk about “not being able to feel anything”.

No wonder.

If someone is attached to his past, he cannot arrive in the present moment. Feelings about the present moment and ideas about a future can online occur now. In the very moment of this second.

How to overcome depression.