You want to get rid of Burnout?

Do not wait until others tell you to take care of yourself. 

Quite no one will do.

So, help yourself.

It is important to recognize the causes and symptoms of burnout in order to prevent it from happening. One of the most common causes of burnout is working more than necessary. The point is to recognize the stress-inducing factors in daily life.

This self-help e-book looks at the development of burnout from a new perspective. It makes many things visible that have otherwise been going on unconsciously.

Self-help with “The World’s Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book” – $12.70

The World's Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book

The World’s Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book

What’s special in this Stop-Burnout Book?

  • It is a very short self-help book. It will save you time.
  • It will show you a completely new aspect of the causes of burnout. You will recognize the hidden causes of burnout.
  • This book is written for people who really want to change their lives. You can start doing it now.
Burn-out burdens

Burn-out burdens

Johannes Faupel, Author Fastest Books

Johannes Faupel Systemic Therapist and Author

Who wrote this new Exit-Burnout-Book ?

Johannes Faupel, Systemic Therapist and Springer Author, is editing:

Quick guides for the long run.

That’s why I’m writing and illustrating these new books:

In my systemic practice, located in Frankfurt, Germany, I daily see impatient people with unrealistic demands on their lives. The smaller an intervention, the faster it works.

For many, the Burnout-Syndrome is a state of no-hope.

Therefore, the title “The World’s Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book”

Order your E-Book-Copy of the new Stop-Burnout-Book right now.

Ego-Story Stop-Burnout-Book

Ego-Story Stop-Burnout-Book – Excerpt of the book