Why Is This The World’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book?

First, this ebook it consists of just 16 pages. Obviously, the shortness of a book is not any proof for its effectiveness.

Depression – if not caused by Thyroid problems – is a result of missing self-love, self-compassion and social connections.

Often depression is also the result of ignoring the limits of physical and mental capabilities.

Therefore, you will see this statement in the World’s fastest Anti-Depression-Book:

It’s healthy to feel sick under an overload.

The old serotonin deficiency theory has no strong evidence.

A depressed person recovers best:

  • with the recognition of the suffering caused by the attempts to find a solution
  • by choosing to start physical activity and keep it constant (a 1 hour quick walk every day works wonders)
  • by setting boundaries for the inner and outer commanders
  • by giving up the idea of guilt
  • in relationships with others
Red Boxes

Find out in the e-book what the physics of depression is

Note: A depressed person does not feel in deficit because there is really a deficit.

  • The depressed person believes the repeatedly told story of his alleged inadequacy.
  • The depressed person sees no sense in their everyday life because they lack small goals.
  • The depressed person blames himself for everything: even for making himself responsible for everything.

This E-Book works fast because of a crucial picture

The crucial picture is a drawing you will work with – much more impressive than the picture here with the red boxes here on the page.

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