UX for solving every problem

UX for solving every problem

UX is Crucial in Self-Help – learn why

Have you ever tried to develop or to produce a severe problem?

For sure not.

Most people want to solve their own problems – and often the other’s person problem more than their owns.

UX stands for User Experience

User Experience is one of the important factors for people when visiting websites.

How does UX affect website users?

If users know from the very beginning how to read a website and how to interact with it, it is likely that they will stay on the website, maybe even order something.

Confusing websites lead to users who are bouncing right away.

Why is UX important for solving an all-day problem?

Imagine a flat bicycle tire. This is the first problem we want to think about.

If you once repaired it and have the tools, you will probably succeed. You are able to patch the tire and proceed with your bicycle tour.

But if you have no clue about bicycles and tools, you might feel insufficient.

Is there any reason to feel insufficient for not being a bicycle engineer?

Of course not.

But the brain gives us this feeling.

We cannot reach the “solution state”. It is normal to feel like a baby when we are not successful. This state connects a person to the time when she tried the first steps and felt on the butt.

Now, back to the UX.

Is there any need to become an engineer in order to fix a bicycle tire?

The answer is: no.

All you have to find is a how-to.

If you analyse the web searches for queries, you can make predictions on the interest into a certain topic. Likewise, you see the confidence in self-trust to change something.

First, let’s look at the search term “how to fix a flat tire”. It has some thousand searches per month.

How to fix a flat bicycle tire

“How to fix a flat bicycle tire”. Source: ahrefs.com

Why is UX important also for solving any mental problem?

Any mental problem is connected to the brain, even more: it is created by the brain.

If something does not appear in the desired way in the brain, it is helpful to have an idea how the brain works.

Or: If you did not read a lot about the brain yet, an instruction manual for changing connections, pictures, and thoughts is highly helpful.

Why are there quite no searches on how to fix something in the psyche by yourself?

The answer is easy: Most people obviously assume that fixing an OCD thought must be more sophisticated than patching a flat tire.

Comparing the searches about “how to fix OCD”, we see a fraction of the search volume about fixing a tire.

Why? Because quite everyone in the press repeats the mantra of “severe OCD problems”.

How to fix OCD

“How to fix OCD” – search volume, source ahrefs.com

In reality, the brain works while fixing a tire is much more than while rewiring a non-helpful connection in the brain.

Fixing a flat tire

Fixing a flat tire

Mending a tyre requires a number of manual operations and a certain amount of skills.

If I compare the bicycle repair to my work in the systemic practice and supervision, and if I see how people change their inner order systems, it can be much easier to change a thought than repair a tire. Why? Because the brain works by invitation. It wires and rewires whatever you want. There are no dirty fingers, no glue.

Nothing is needed but brain-trust.

What kind of help about the Brain-UX would you appreciate?

Change Your Brain – similar to

Change Your Brain – similar to “How to fix a tire”

  • Do you want a 1:1 description on how to get more concentration?
  • Are you seeking for ways how to “fix” intrusive thoughts?
  • Would you like to see a conflict in another dimension you can deal with?

Everything begins with an image, an imagination.

The self-help effects in my e-books are coming through imaging

The brain uses pictures, imaginations in every planning process. Also in hesitating, often misinterpreted as “procrastination”.

That’s why the self-help-e-books on fastestbooks.com are picture-based.

The readers are invited to become active.

This is the big difference between these self-help-books and other self-help literature.

I am delivering easy to use UX for mental self-help