What is the difference between a book on self-help and a novel?

You want to go fast through the self-help book to find a solution – while you wish the novel would never end.

So, why are some self-help books heavy like novels?

Looking at some self-improvement books, one could think about Tolstoi. Maybe some authors simply like to write.

But a self-help book has to be a tool.

How to use a tool … like a hammer?

If you are lucky, you hit the nail with the hammer on the head.

So, how should a highly effective self-help book made in the sense of a tool?

Short. Sharp. Fast. On point.

Overview – The World’s Fastest Books Series

The World's Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

The World’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book

Fastest mediation-book for deep conflicts

The World’s Fastest mediation-book for deep conflicts

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The World’s Fastest Stop-Burnout-Book