Vision of a better life

The vision of a better life starts with a picture.

You must have a clear idea of the improvement you want to achieve.

To “get rid” of the problem of loneliness is not a goal at all.

Finding a partner and living in peace in a beautiful village 20 miles from here where my parents live is a goal.

Therefore, you can’t fight anxiety and you can’t “destroy” depression.

Relieving pain is a gradual process.

Never try to “fix” a problem.

Instead, change the most obvious and easily changed details in your life.

The World’s Fastest Books will give you momentum and invitations to change details in your daily life. Each e-book contains memorable images.


  • If a person compares the state of his life with the condition of a badly maintained bicycle, then oiling the chain and pumping up the tires and adjusting the bicycle seat so that the rider can put his power on the road will already do a lot.
  • That doesn’t mean that the bike (= life) needs to be repainted on the outside or even gold-plated.
  • It is about getting life going again with simple changes (the chain oil mentioned here can be the changed view).
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