What are fast books?

Fast books are short, in short time to read and easy to understand.

Why read fast books?

You will read fast books if you want a quick return on reading.

When read fast books?

Typical situations for reading fast books are, if you are in hurry or in a crisis and need a solution.

What are the 2 main differences between fast books and a novel?

  1. Reading a novel, you want to take time. Maybe you are sad when you come to the book’s end.
  2. Reading fast books, you are satisfied to get quick on point with your topic.

Is there anything faster than fast books?

Yes. Even faster than Typical situations for reading fast books are “The fastest Books”.

Now, we further can ask about the best books in a certain area.

What are the best self-help books?

For insiders, the best self-help books in terms of fast books are: https://www.fastestbooks.com/self-help-books/