Why Are Fast Books The Best Books When It Comes To Problems?

Because of the pandemic, many people around the world are in psychological trouble.

The waiting lists for psychologists and psychotherapists are long.

But the problems shouldn’t be left unsolved for long.

Instead of the idea of the complete solution of all problems one should seek for surprises.

These surprises should look like “Man, I never saw my situation in that way!”

How can people help themselves?

  • You can ask friends for advice. But friends have their own problems and problems.
  • You can go to self-help groups
  • But not every topic is suitable for a self-help group
  • All that remains is reading.

What kind of books should a person read when they have personal problems but cannot discuss them with everyone?

There’s a lot of self-help literature (self-help books) out there. Much of it, however, is not unique. Other recommendations look logical when reading, but can hardly be put into practice.

So what does a person need who really want to help themselves with a book?

Anyone looking for help needs the book of an author who has experience in short-term therapy.

People want to learn about proven techniques that really work in their everyday life when used.

This is why it is important to focus on one topic while reading a self-help book. The experience in systemic therapy and in solution-oriented short therapy:

It is the simple, visual intervention that people can best work with.